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Our Objectives

At MJP, we are driven by distinct objectives that form the very essence of our political existence:

Dynamic Nation-Building: Our aim is to transform Sri Lanka into a state of unparalleled dynamism, drawing inspiration from our rich culture and values rooted in our ancient civilization. Development, independence, and progress are at the heart of our vision.

Equitable Sri Lanka: We envision a Sri Lanka where every citizen enjoys economic and social rights without any form of discrimination.

Empowering the Youth & Supporting the Elderly: Our commitment extends to creating ample opportunities in diverse sectors for the youth while ensuring support for our aging community and the underprivileged.

National Sovereignty: We pledge to uphold the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka, while fostering sound regional and global interactions.


The creation of a happy nation


Creating the political environment necessary for a Sri Lanka that is home to citizens whose spirituality and materiality are ensured through a smart entrepreneurial state that is nourished by the lifeblood of everything positive in Sri Lankan civilisation.

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