Welcome to the MJP website. I am Dilith, the leader of the MJP.

I hail from Angulugaha, a vibrant and scenic village located in the Southern district of Galle. I am the second son of a family of four boys raised by our parents Gunapala and Dharma Jayaweera: one hardworking state employee and the other a school teacher who instilled in us the values of hard work and determination. My deep-rooted sense of equality, justice and fairness to everyone stems from my close relationship with my father whose socialist beliefs continue to inspire a sense of 'purpose beyond profit' in everything I do.

At the Colombo University I met my wife Nelum Goonewardene, whose unwavering love and support has brought happiness and contentment into my home and who has always been the dependable wind beneath my wings.

After completing my LLB at the Law Faculty I was 'called to the Bar' as an Attorney at Law, and thereafter completed an MBA from The University of Wales. Ultimately I took a radically different path. I was hungry to look for opportunities to transform the lives of people in a positive manner. I found two colleagues who shared the same zest for challenging conventions and we thus started our first enterprise with zero capital and infinite energy. Today, this act of defiance has transformed into a corporate entity proudly considered to be one of the most dynamic conglomerates in Sri Lanka.

Collaborating with the political establishment through our advertising business has been both a privilege and a burden - and always an eye opener. My greatest concern has been that those who have governed us are disconnected from the realities of everyday life of our people, their businesses and their hardships.

Like everyone in Sri Lanka, you and I work very hard. But all of us are impacted by decisions taken by our Government - decisions that we have very little control over. The recent economic crisis has left us in despair. We have lost faith in political contenders to fix our problems. I believe that change must come from outside the establishment.

That's why we created the MJP. Our platform is about achieving sustainable political change by providing our youth and next generation of political leaders the tools to govern Sri Lanka.

MJP is not about me, or any one individual: The MJP is about the Sri Lankan people and the society they want and deserve.

I hope you will join us in making a lasting change, and building a happy nation backed by an entrepreneurial state!

Dilith Jayaweera
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