Laying the Foundation for a happier Nation, the Mawbima Janatha Pakshaya opens its party headquarters.


The national headquarters of the Mawbima Janatha Pakshaya was officially declared open at Number 11, Park Avenue, Colombo 08, with the participation of the party’s Leader Mr. Dilith Jayaweera, senior leader of the party Dr. Hemakumara Nanayakkara and distinguished members of the party’s executive committee. This occasion marked the beginning of a fresh journey towards reshaping our country’s political landscape to create a happier nation.

The Mawbima Janatha Pakshaya will fill a clear void in the Sri Lankan political space that demands a political entity with a vision to achieve short-term and long-term economic, social and political sustainability that will in turn result in a happier nation.

Speaking on the future plans and prospects of his party, party Leader Mr. Dilith Jayaweera said that “the setting up of the Mawbima Janatha Pakshaya headquarters marks a milestone in the party’s journey towards empowering Sri Lankans, especially our youth and women, to hone in their creativity and contribute to building a Sri Lankan State with an entrepreneurial mindset.” He went on to say “I strongly believe that this country must become a center point for entrepreneurs. It is critical that we focus on creating a politically literate Sri Lankan community in order to fulfill the crucial need for a National Policy framework, which the Sri Lankan people have been deprived of because of the enduring socioeconomic and political impacts of colonial rule. We hope that this will pave the way to a more impactful, collaborative political space. “


“I believe that it is crucial that we transcend the current divisive rhetoric used in political spaces, creating animosity between communities on ethnic or religious basis purely for selfish political gain. We must create a safe space for individual communities to be able to voice their concerns and opinions and be able to develop a national consciousness comprising of all these elements. At the Mawbima Janatha Pakshaya, we are preparing to channel this consciousness to create a plan that will allow us to move forward as one nation, leaving behind the general mistrust of each other that has plagued our nation since independence. “

“It is especially important that we focus on, and bring in to discussion a more scientific economic plan that will allow us to look at optimal solutions to the problems we are facing as opposed to turning towards hurriedly proposed changes that are very clearly baseless and misinformed; in order to redirect our economy towards a more successful path. The Mawbima Janatha Party will work tirelessly to ensure a sufficient flow of foreign income to the country through the promotion of an Entrepreneur friendly mindset, thus encouraging the thousands of Youth currently leaving the country to stay on and provide their services to our nation” he said, further reiterating on the party’s plans to uphold the Sri Lankan economy.

Dr. Hemakumara Nanayakkara too added his thoughts at this occasion, saying “Our goal is to create a new political culture within our motherland. One that is inclusive, accepting, open to the opinions of others and focused on National Interest, defying the intolerant and divisive way of doing politics that is commonly in practice today.

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